Shop Talk: Worker Bees for Hire

Susie Nedley of Bee Well has just the hive for you.

Shop Talk: Zen and the Art of the Left Jab

Charlie Giordano’s new boxing studio has a distinctly mindful vibe.

Shop Talk: Where it’s Always June

A new boutique takes root in the place Bananas once grew.

Shop Talk: Great Cheese? Meet Great Bread!

At The Grey Barn and Farm in Chilmark, you can now get freshly baked loaves to go with your Prufrock.

Shop Talk: Nochi, Nochi

After occupying the same cozy corner for more than fourteen seasons, Vineyard Haven women’s boutique Nochi has expanded.

Shop Talk: Raincoat Maker, Raincoat Maker

Functional yet fashionable raincoats fit for year-round Island life.

Shop Talk: Something Brooklyn This Way Comes

In a sliver of a shop on Main Street, Vineyard Haven, contemporary design, sleek urban style, and – wait for it – sophisticated menswear has been brought to the Island.

Shop Talk: Das Fotobus!

For lovers of all things vintage, there’s new reason to celebrate.

Adding a Little Salte to Their Slate

Lizzy Hynes had always dreamed of owning her own shop. Now she owns two with her husband Tom Juster.

Sleek, C’est Chic

Larisa Stinga did not dream of owning her own business. But her ambition, confidence, and time-management skills helped her open Sleek MV, a women’s clothing boutique just off Main Street in Vineyard Haven last spring.