The Look, Circa 1977

Commercial fisherman Oscar Pease and his catboat Vanity.

The Look, 1979

She wasn’t the first to embrace the delicacies of the Vineyard. But Louise Tate King ranks among the first to have found widespread success working with Island ingredients and elevating them to gourmet preparations.

The Look, Circa 1900

They simply don’t make barber shop's like this anywhere anymore.

The Look, Circa 1980

Carly Simon outside Yates Drug Store in the days leading up to the annual Tisbury Street Fair.

The Look, 1986

On TV he was known for his sharp suits and even sharper questions. On the Vineyard, where he spent part of most every summer, legendary newsman Mike Wallace cut a friendly, more familiar figure.

The Look, 1994

Is this what a feminist looks like?

The Look, 1957

Long before it was the Chilmark police station, a temporary town hall, and a temporary library, the Menemsha School building next to the Chilmark Tavern was, of course, a school.

The Look, 1975

Saigon was falling, disco was rising, and Jaws had only a few months earlier scared (almost) everyone out of the water.

The Look, 1965

Two years after the Mills Brothers Three Ring Circus made its first appearance on the Vineyard, the company returned for an encore performance.

The Look, Circa 1900

Watermelon picnics on the beach are a favorite pastime. But in which past time did this picnic, labeled on the back as being on Chilmark’s south shore, occur?