There’s a lovely balance in this autumn side dish between the sweet pears and the, well, not-so-sweet turnips, and between the floral honey and the piney rosemary.

Susie Middleton

One thing you should know: Sweet potato oven fries, though they’re addictive and delicious, do not get crispy.

Susie Middleton

The apples in this soup, which was created by Catherine Walthers, are cooked with the celery root, and the apple cider is reduced to a thickened sauce and then spooned on top of the soup.

Catherine Walthers

Rachel Vaughn, a private chef who works on Martha’s Vineyard and in Bozeman, Montana, started making these rustic fruit crostatas years ago.

Rachel Vaughn

Island lamb is often available at farms such as Allen Farm and Mermaid Farm in Chilmark.

Fresh sorrel leaves have a tangy, slightly sour flavor that complements fish and cream sauces.

For years, Susan has been making this recipe, adapted from Gourmet, June 1998.

Susan Feller

This famous New Orleans sandwich specialty translates perfectly to our Island locale, plentiful with oysters.