Cheater's polenta is so handy for weeknight cooking, perfect under sausages, scallops, or roasted vegetables.

Susie Middleton

Just a couple minutes in a hot pan plus a quick citrus butter sauce = delicious Vineyard dinner. Oh, and pick something — polenta, mashed potatoes, sauteed spinach — for the scallops to nestle in.

Susie Middleton

Roast beets with aromatics in a foil pouch, then dress with citrus juice and zest to serve warm or cold.

Susie Middleton

From All About Dinner by Molly Stevens comes this full-flavored chili with a streamlined technique.

Molly Stevens

These vibrantly spiced nuts make an addictive nibble — or a great addition to stuffing for the holiday turkey. This recipe is part of chef Michael Brisson's Thanksgiving Feast menu.

Michael Brisson

A bread, gruyere, bacon, cream and thyme stuffing is indeed, everything good. Swap out the bacon for mushrooms in this showstopper, and you've got a vegetarian main dish for the Thanksgiving table.

Dorie Greenspan

Japanese vegetable pancakes — okonomiyaki — can be varied with different greens, but they're always delicious.

Susie Middleton

Perhaps we’re a little biased, but we declare this the best carrot cake ever.

Tracy, Corky, Dana, and Lori Pollan