Oceans, islands, lost arts, and the man who fell in love with a canoe.

Alexandra Bullen Coutts

The new red-white-and-blue vessel that’s joined the Woods Hole waterfront might look unassuming, but it actually has more in common with a spaceship than with any sailboat in Vineyard Sound.

Sara Brown


The movie looks like a mirage, the scenes shot in color during a black and white era. But you can tell the period is the 1930s because the men wear black tank tops and belted bathing suits in the Charles Atlas style, and the women bob their hair, decorating it in ribbons or covering it in large floppy hats.

Tom Dunlop

The long and winding voyage of the Concordia yawl Dolce.

Matthew Stackpole

Favorite part of the job? “The different kinds of people you can meet through the season. A lot of my customers have been with me twenty years now.”

Name: Savannah Hooe

Occupation: Seaman apprentice, Coast Guard Station Menemsha

A day on the Job: Boat checks and inspections, standing watch (manning theradios), training. “You see some pretty cool things literally every time you go out.You learn something new every time. You never know.”

Favorite part of the job? “Knowing people can depend on you to help themin need.”

The tide was just starting to flow east when Stuart Hunter and I skidded my nine-foot tin boat down the cliff at Pilots Landing and rowed toward Wash Rock, where terns were working over breaking bass. We dropped anchor up-current, the hook held and we were in business, casting metal into the action from our miniature craft.

Kib Bramhall

The schooner Charlotte delivers a cargo of supplies and hope.

Nat Benjamin