What's the history behind Eastville? Who was part of the Edgartown Mining Company? And who were Ray Ellis and Epenow?


The “Dude Train,” the “Flying Dude,” the “Dude Flyer.” It’s one of the most famous passenger trains ever to run in New England, but you couldn’t walk up and buy a ticket to board it. Nor did any of its various nicknames ever appear in an official timetable or on a station wall. Yet for thirty-three summers, from 1884 to 1916, it plied the tracks from Boston to Woods Hole, a distance of seventy-two miles, whisking wealthy Bostonians at unprecedented speeds and with unsurpassed luxury from their city offices to their summer retreats on Cape Cod and the Islands.

Karl Zimmermann


Watermelon picnics on the beach are a favorite pastime. But in which past time did this picnic, labeled on the back as being on Chilmark’s south shore, occur?


What's the origin of Quansoo? Who was Abram Quary? How did the Queen Elizabeth 2 run aground? And where is Quick's Hole?


Samuel Cronig and the birth of the Vineyard's Jewish community.

Phyllis Meras


Abel's Hill, Adams Sisters, Allen Rock, and Argo Merchant.


The shorts are shorter and tighter than they would be by the turn of the millennium. The sunglasses – are those Revos, Vuarnets, or Hobies? – are rounder than they would be once the Oakley wraparound sunglass craze came and went. The duffles look like something you might take to a Richard Simmons workout session.

But with the universal rule of fashion being “what goes down must come up,” the look is surprisingly current, if Esquire magazine’s best bathing suits of 2017 is any guide. (Okay, not so much with the bare-midriff tank top.)


When a shopkeeper was brutally murdered two days before Christmas in 1863, the good people of Holmes Hole turned on one of their own.

Tom Dunlop