Protective measures help plants survive the crueler months.

Nicole Grace Mercier


A gardener’s tale of creating an old-fashioned romantic garden for actors Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson.

Peggy Schwier


Over some twenty years, this Chilmark property has offered up considerable creative opportunities in its yard and gardens.

Laura D. Roosevelt


Renowned among Island gardeners, Paul Jackson has spent years working the soil in his Edgartown home garden, with awe-inspiring results.

Susan Catling


Five ways to brighten gardens with color and texture during the dormant season.

Tim Boland


Fifteen tried-and-true perennials, plus a few other thoughts on flowers and foliage.

Peggy Schwier


A day after talking to farmer, gardener, and SBS owner Liz Packer of Vineyard Haven about gardening with seaweed and other sea-related products, she calls from the north shore and leaves this message: “I’m standing on the beach and I just have to say that we live in an extraordinary place – most of our waters are healthy enough to still be rife with fish, shellfish, and seaweed.” She takes a breath and continues, “And there is an interconnectedness between the land and sea here that is amazing.

Mollie Doyle


Artist and gardener David Geiger created a vibrant, ever-changing aquatic habitat at his wooded Chilmark property.

Joyce Wagner