When I was a kid there were four major sports: baseball, basketball, hockey, and football. Paddle boarding was something your father did to you when he took you out behind the woodshed. And yes, I’m 106 years old.

Geoff Currier


Nestled along the wrack line among seaweed, shells, and stones, a softly frosted piece of colorful beach glass is a satisfying find.

Moira C. Silva


Vineyard Youth Tennis turns ten this month and counts among its alumni thousands of children – Vineyarders and summer kids – who’ve been well served by the innovative community program.

Karla Araujo


When Joe Costa of Vineyard Haven was seven years old, he saw an airplane flying overhead and something went off inside of him – he was hooked.

Geoff Currier


As the Martha’s Vineyard Sharks head into year two, we look back at the collegiate baseball league’s premier season last summer.

Jim Kaplan


It’s not often that you hear the words sensual and bulldozer in the same breath.

Geoff Currier


With thrillers, spillers, and fillers.

Dee Dice


About a third of the food we eat is made possible by the cross-pollination of bees. But when you’ve got a huge hive within the walls of your house, your ecological conscience may only stretch so far.

Geoff Currier