For our twenty-fifth anniversary edition in May–June 2010, we revisited profiles from past issues of the magazine. This month we feature three more familiar faces on the Vineyard.

By Karla Araujo & Linda Black


Hey! Hey! Hey! If you’re like me – a dog on Martha’s Vineyard – I bet you have all sorts of great fish tales.

By Nicole Galland


I caught a glimpse of her when I turned onto the narrow lane of cottages facing the open sea. Something about the sunlight reflecting off her hair clip or the silver bracelets she wore on both wrists caught my eye.

By Lisa Argrette Ahmad


What a professional landscaper can do in her own backyard – and in her kitchen: West Tisbury’s Susan Feller shares her vegetable garden know-how and some recipes using cucumbers, sorrel, mint, and more.

By Liz Bomze


I am no birder. That doesn’t mean I don’t like birds. I’ve just never gone out specifically looking for them, so my knowledge is fairly limited.

By Nicki Miller


Dorothy Chaffee’s Edgartown house and garden are a celebration of a life well lived with her late husband, Henry. The homes they shared together are depicted in a hand-painted dining room mural, and she continues his gardening legacy in a charming backyard landscape.

By Brittany Lyte


This competition brought in 170 entries from across the country. Here are the top three winners and seven honorable mentions.


Text messages relayed possible sightings, and much of Martha’s Vineyard was atwitter. When POTUS was on the Island last August, many tried to catch a glimpse of him, including this intrepid Vineyard Gazette reporter.

By Sam Bungey