This past February modernism aficionados packed the Palm Springs Art Museum to hear Boston architect Frederick Noyes lecture on the career of his late father, Eliot Noyes. The event was a highlight of Modernism Week, the eleven-day design symposium, now in its twelfth season, that attracts 80,000 national and international visitors annually.

By Beth Edwards Harris


Successful single architect meets eligible interior designer on a blind date...bada bing, bada boom!

By Heather Hamacek


Whether it’s an over-leaning leaner or an inner mainmast waiting to be set free, Mark Clements is at your service.

By Rebecca Busselle


Joe Parham knows a good house when he sees one.

By Erin Ryerson


Whether you go grand and planned or just fill a modest bed with your favorite edibles, there’s really no reason not to have an herb garden. Trust us. Your tastebuds will thank you.

By Catherine Walthers


Ben Scott and Lainey Fink are settling into Island life just fine.

By Alexandra Bullen Coutts


There are places you remember all your life, though some have changed.

By Brad Woodger


A beloved family summer place takes a few steps backward and is rebuilt, but stays true to its old-school roots.

By Elizabeth Hawes