Inspired by cookbook author Susie Middleton of West Tisbury, who starts her chicken breast-side down on a roasting rack before turning it over, I came up with this recipe that combines my favorite salting technique with Susie’s cooking method at a high heat.


This gravy uses the defatted chicken juices and any bits left in the roasting pan. Before removing the chicken from the roasting pan, tilt the chicken and let any juices inside the bird flow into the pan. If you strain the fat, it’s healthier and you don’t sacrifice any flavor, which is in the juices and the brown bits at the bottom of the pan.


Tarragon and chicken go together nicely, and you can make the sauce while the chicken is resting after roasting.


Make your dinner even simpler by adding some vegetables to the chicken roasting pan.


With sautéed kale, tomato essence, fingerling potato confit, Niçoise olives, and shaved fennel salad.


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By Ezra Agnew


Kaila Binney returned to the Island to share her working knowledge of sustainability practices in farming and beyond. A special Vineyard educational fellowship made this financially possible.

By Alexandra Bullen Coutts


Blending cilantro with honey to make a dessert sauce sounds a bit strange, but Chris’s combination is wonderfully refreshing served over chilled yogurt from Mermaid Farm, located on Middle Road in Chilmark. Serves 10

By Chris Fischer